Saturday, April 20, 2013

Pokemon #10-#36

The next batch of my Pokemon-a-day challenge. Some have two Pokemon due to me being lazy and missing a day :I

#10) Caterpie

#11) Metapod

#12) Butterfree

#13) Weedle

#14) Kakuna

#15) Beedrill

#16) Pidgey and #17) Pidgeotto

#18) Pidgeot

#19) Rattata

#20) Raticate

#21) Spearow

#22) Fearow

#23) Ekans

#24) Arbok

#25) Pikachu

#26) Raichu

#27) Sandshrew and #28) Sandslash

#29) Nidoran (Female)

#30) Nidorina

#31) Nidoqueen

#32) Nidoran (Male) and #33) Nidorinio

#34) Nidoking

#35) Clefairy and #36) Clefable 

Two extras I did for my sister and my friends recent birthdays

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Turandot Opera Illustration

This week I went and saw the dress rehearsal of the Turandot Opera with the same group of comic majors and other artists who come and draw during it. I decided to do one larger illustration instead of the somewhat cleaned up rough sketches that I did for Hamlet. I really loved the set design and the costumes, Turandot's first robe really stood out as it had death masks of the men she had beheaded sewn into the inside. At the beginning there were also large heads on spikes in the middle of the stage, so I wanted to incorporate that all together. 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Updated Animation Reel

If you follow the Vimeo link, in the description is a breakdown of the reel with more info on each piece and what I did.

Monday, March 25, 2013


I've also been doing some exercise's where I start with a pair of pre-designed eyes and then create the rest of the face around them.  I started this by looking at a sheet of eyes from different Disney characters but without the rest of their features.


I've started a little daily project for fun after I started discussing doing a pair of Pokemon shoes for my brother. I realized I hadn't drawn Pokemon since elementary school and looking at the original 151 I missed them and their great designs.  I've been posting these daily on my FB and Tumblr, I'll post them here in batches as well.  I just finished the 3 starters and their evolutions so now seems like a good time to start putting them up here.

#1) Bulbasaur

#2) Ivysaur

#3) Venusaur

 #4) Charmander

#5) Charmeleon

#6) Charizard

#7) Squirtle

#8) Wartortle